SKOOP Royal Oak Was A Hit!

SKOOP Drives Economic Growth to Downtown Royal Oak

As fall begins, SKOOP reflects and celebrates an impactful summer season. Thanks to funding provided by the Royal Oak DDA, SKOOP provided free rides around downtown Royal Oak throughout June, July, and August. During this time, SKOOP’s free rides moved over 4,000 people and traveled over 2,000 miles. The SKOOP team is overjoyed by their achievements in Royal Oak and their ability to contribute to the city’s “new narrative!”

SKOOP was originally brought to Royal Oak for the month of June to help promote the new parking structures in the city. SKOOP provided a means of travel from cars to nearby businesses and activities. The response to SKOOP was extremely positive and quickly the community realized SKOOP was more than just a way to get around. The DDA extended SKOOP to stay through August.

So how was SKOOP able to make such an impact during their time in Royal Oak? SKOOP Vehicles are completely electric. This means that they are able to move passengers from point A to point B without emitting any fossil fuels. SKOOP’s presence in Royal Oak alone led to a carbon admissions reduction of more than 1.7 million grams.

SKOOP’s time in Royal Oak resulted in more than just a positive environmental influence. SKOOP also brought the community together and stimulated the local economy. CEO and founder Josh Cooper said, “SKOOP supports economic growth in so many ways. We’re not just moving passengers, we are driving traffic to as many local businesses as possible with our unique marketing capabilities. We have the power to create an exciting culture.”

Throughout the summer, SKOOP was able to bring passengers to local businesses through the fun and unique experience of free rides. But SKOOP’s real economic influence comes from digital mobility advertising. The SKOOP digital billboards attached to the interior and exterior of each SKOOP share advertisers messaging to riders and community members around town.

For the SKOOP team, it is rewarding to hear from passengers about their memorable rides. SKOOP is determined to continue to create memories and positive experiences for riders and businesses while taking steps toward a greener future.

A special thank you to DDA Manager Sean Kammer and Judy Davids for allowing SKOOP to become part of the Royal Oak community during the 2019 summer. SKOOP is in conversations about returning to Royal Oak for Summer 2020. Looking forward to seeing you all then! In the meantime, SKOOP will continue to move passengers for free in East Lansing.

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