Learn how businesses can leverage our software to keep them going during this critical time.

2021 has not changed the state of uncertainty for businesses and we get it! There is a lot more to consider now regarding their finances: extra costs surrounding safer health measures; and keeping up with expenses when there might be a lag in sales. SKOOP has been consciously working to build better solutions, enable businesses to counterbalance the financial effects of COVID, and maximize revenue. We have designed software that allows businesses to sell ad space on any digital screen, as a way to see them through the pandemic and beyond.

Working to build better solutions, enable businesses to counterbalance the financial effects of COVID

SKOOP Covid 19 SignageWe are determined to be the software solution in the digital out of home advertising space that generates substantial returns on investment (ROI) for media owners. DOOH advertising is actually cheaper to upload, run, and change out, compared to static ads, or image banners. (Linchpin 2020) DOOH makes up 30% of revenues worldwide of the overall out of home (OOH), i.e. outdoor advertising, market. Businesses investing now, are going to see even stronger returns in the coming years when the DOOH market expands. (Linchpin 2020) Another contributory factor to positive ROI is that DOOH advertising makes it easier to run multiple ads on one screen. More space sold, more money for businesses who invest, more opportunities to grow ROI with SKOOP!

A great example of this at play is amongst the Bike taxi industry, one of the first industries SKOOP started working with. We continue to work with them in a half a dozen cities across the U.S. They were generating an average of $600 / month from static wrap ads. (In general, getting one of these wrap ads installed takes about six weeks.) We are proud to say that with SKOOP, they were able to average $6,000 / month using our software, while only paying $39 / month to subscribe to our services. That is a 15,000% increase on ROI with less money spent on installation, or time spent on moving old ads. This is extremely crucial, especially now that businesses have to find ways to save, cut costs, and can’t afford waiting around for opportunities to generate revenue.

While we are on the subject, we have built SKOOP Signage to save businesses time to further maximize revenue growth! With our software, we ensure that order and installation can be run and managed virtually, more quickly,  and with less one-to-one contact. We also wanted to give businesses more autonomy over their screens and brand awareness campaigns. Screen owners process sales directly from their ad clients. Ad clients launch and track their campaigns using analytics, with our e-commerce functionality. Our tool is an all around win-win for businesses, no matter if they are running screens or buying the ad space.  

Our aim is also to help businesses cultivate more brand awareness opportunities where they had been quaffed before, due to how expensive and time consuming the static billboard space is. We have already witnessed this phenomena from one of our own retail clients. They sold ad space to smaller fashion brands. These brands were able to reach potential customers quickly, and drive awareness back to their businesses.

ATL Riders Powered by SKOOPWhen we first began building back in March 2020, one of our goals was to help the most vulnerable businesses stay alive, where, due to the effects of COVID, had brought their primary source of income to a fast halt. We were particularly conscientious of this effect with the bike taxi industry, but saw these same results with hotels, cannabis dispensaries, airports, golf clubs and malls. 

Particularly, for one of our existing clients, ATL Riders, last June, they were unable to move as many passengers. Yet, with the help of SKOOP Signage, they were able to stay operational because they were moving brands!

We are dedicated to steadily improving our software to drive more income to businesses and build more valuable relationships between screen owners, ad clients, and customers. COVID is not going anywhere for a while so we understand businesses have to continue to make various adjustments in the way they interact, engage with, and sell to customers.

Over the next coming years, we are passionate about making SKOOP Signage easier for businesses to test and tailor their brand messaging, aligning even more with potential customers. For now, businesses can rely on SKOOP to help them through the economic upheaval the pandemic has caused; and become their new source of income generation!

Our product launches fully in March! We want you to learn how SKOOP can help your business. Check out our website for more information and get in contact for a free demo

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