What’s new with SKOOP Signage?

 May 2021 Feature Updates 

SKOOP New Features in June

Introducing the Content Design Studio for Screen Owners and Advertising Partners

Design content right from your SKOOP Signage portal with our new creative design studio. The possibilities are endless with the new features: 

Enforce Crop Aspect Ratio

Enforce a single crop aspect ratio or offer a range of aspect ratio options to make sure uploaded images are always perfect.

Overlay Crop Guides

Help your customers upload better images. Show an overlay on top of the editor to illustrate bleed margins or profile picture boundaries.

Fast Image Uploads

Boost file upload speed and lower server bandwidth usage by compressing, resizing, and converting images in the browser.

Photo Filter Effects

Apply a set of carefully crafted filter effects to your photos. Extend with your own filters and the Doka Image Editor UI will update automatically.

Rotate, Resize, and Flip

Make the pixel perfect crop each time. Scale images using the zoom control, mouse wheel, touchpad, or intuitive multi-touch interaction.

Responsive and Accessible

Scales to best fit the available space. Interact with touch, mouse, and keyboard. Works great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

We Support URLs!

You can stream URLs live to your screens, share your website, social media pages, the weather channel, whatever you want, get creative!  

View Your Billing History and

Direct Deposit your Ad Revenue

Transparency is key, you can now view your billing history in the billing tab of your screen owner portal. Plus, you can see all of the Ad revenue that you have generated. Easily deposit your earnings to your businesses bank account by tapping the “Connect Banking to Receive Payouts” button on the SKOOP Signage app.

Feature Requests?

We want to hear from you! Is there a feature that you wish SKOOP Signage had? How can we improve your SKOOP Signage experience?

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