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Content Tips


What is SKOOP?

SKOOP is a cloud-based digital billboard management software. SKOOP makes it easy to manage the complexities of monetizing your own digital billboard network. Finally, an affordable way to run your very own digital billboard network. Turn any TV or screen into a billboard today. Get started with a free demo!

Should I use SKOOP Signage basic or premium?

SKOOP Signage Basic is for those looking for simple and affordable digital signage software. Easily control content playing on dozens of screens remotely from anywhere in the world. SKOOP Signage Premium is for those in the DOOH space looking to monetize and turn screens into digital billboards.

What TV can I use? Do I need a smart TV?

You do NOT need a smart TV! SKOOP makes it simple and easy. As long as your TV has an HDMI port and your facility has wifi, you are good to go!

How do I get SKOOP Signage on my Screen?

SKOOP Signage can be downloaded to most media devices such as an Amazon Stick or Android Stick. Plug device into TV and launch SKOOP Signage. 

Does SKOOP do programmatic advertising?

SKOOP partners with the largest SSP to sell your unsold ad space to the highest bidders.

What percent of ad revenue does SKOOP take?

None – 0% SKOOP doesn’t believe in taking a cut of your revenue. Our mission is to provide billboard owners with tools they need to increase revenue.


Screen Set up with Fire Stick

SKOOP Fire Stick Screen Set Up

Add a screen to my account

Instructions to add a screen to your SKOOP account

Add a folder to my account

SKOOP Add a folder to my account

Add a user

SKOOP Add a user


Connect a bank account

SKOOP Connect a bank account

Add a credit card to your account

SKOOP Add a credit card to your account

View my billing history

SKOOP How to view billing history

Content Tips

Content Sizing

Always make sure your content is sized correctly to you screens. You do not want content to have black bars or be too zoomed in. 

Common Aspect Ratios:

Horizontal TVs: 1920 x 1080 or 16 x 9

Vertical TVs: 1080 x 1920 or 9 x 16

Billboards and Mobility Ads

1. Less is more, 6 or less words is ideal. You only have a few seconds to get your message across.

2. Make text large. People are viewing your ads from a distance, make sure they can read it.

3. Don’t overwhelm with too much information. Your ad should not be covered with you website, phone number, and email. Get your message across and slap your logo on there.


1. Do complimentry colors: Make sure you use colors that go well together and stand out.

2. Don’t use colors that are too similar: When colors are too close to eachother, it makes ads hard to read. If your base color is yellow, don’t use white text, instead use black because it will pop!

3. Don’t use too many colors: Using too many colors can seem messy and distracting. 

4. Colors evoke emotion: Keep in mind how the colors you use will make the consumer feel. This will affect how they view your brand.

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