Should I use SKOOP Signage Basic or Premium?

SKOOP Signage Basic is for those looking for simple and affordable digital signage software. Easily control content playing on dozens of screens remotely from anywhere in the world. SKOOP Signage Premium is for those in the DOOH space looking to monetize and turn screens into digital billboards.

What TV can I use? Do I need a smart TV?

You do NOT need a smart TV! SKOOP makes it simple and easy. As long as your TV has an HDMI port and your facility has wifi, you are good to go!

What is SKOOP?

SKOOP is a cloud-based software for digital billboards. SKOOP makes it easy to manage the complexities of monetizing your own digital billboard network. Finally, an affordable way to run your very own digital billboard network. Turn any TV or screen into a billboard today. Get started with a free demo!

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