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As a pedicab operator, all hands are on deck when it comes to fleet operations. While you focus on fixing flat tires, scheduling drivers, and moving passengers, SKOOP makes selling your fleet’s digital ad space simple and easy. Join the world’s most innovative fleets and start generating more ad revenue today!



Micro Fleets x Micro Impact

Passengers Moved

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Live Vehicle Tracking

We go where busses and trucks cannot.

Ad Fueled Free Rides. 

Powering fleets around the world.  



More Successful Clients

Dominos Pizza


Metric: Coupon Code

82% Reach 

 160,000 Unique Impressions 

 2,360 Direct Conversions 

200% ROI


Wild Side Smoke Shop


Metric: Coupon Code

74% Reach 

 33,000 Unique Impressions 

 2,360 Direct Conversions 

140% ROI


DTN Management


Metric: Coupon Code

84% Reach 

 102,000 Unique Impressions 

 2,360 Direct Conversions 

400% ROI

14 New Leases 


The Hub


Metric: Coupon Code

94% Reach 

 204,000 Unique Impressions 

 2,360 Direct Conversions 

120% ROI

8 New Leases 


Manage your ad business

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Create schedules

Works with any screen

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